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About Us


Pere Larrègula

Partner, Senior Photographer & Project Manager

Born in Palma de Mallorca, has lived most of his life in Barcelona, which he considers his home city.

At just 14 he began to enjoy the world of photography with his father’s Voigtländer. His career was focused for many years on the management and implementation of large international projects mainly with multidisciplinary teams. From 1997-2007 he was an manager in one of the worldwide largest consulting firms. During those years, he combined his work with the photography, until finally in 2007 photography became his exclusive profession.

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Alex Felez Buchholz

Partner, Senior Photographer & Project Manager

German Nationality and with a Spanish heart, he currently lives in New Delhi, India.

Having traveled and lived in various parts of the world, has given him the opportunity to experience other cultures, mentalities and lifestyles thereby expanding and enriching his personal horizon and his photographic vision. He has been photographer for over 25 years, with a clear preference for the portrait but with extensive experience in all photographic trends, always looking for the details and those moments, and trying to capture them in as clean and as natural as possible way.

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Steffi Felez Buchholz

Public Relations & Commercial Director

Trilingual, she has extensive experience in the field of PR and Audiovisual Productions.

Worked as Senior Account Executive at VOCENTO and at ACERO (Media Planning Group), as Freelance Producer at Miami, Producer & Supervisor in BENECE Productions, as Public Relations Director for Aproquen in Nicaragua and as Account Executive for VEA in  New York. This career has given her the opportunity to live in different countries like the United States and most over Central America, which combined with her dual nationality German-Spanish offered her an very broad overview of the sector.

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The Agency


LF Photo Agency, was founded in January 2012, by the professional photographers Pere Larrègula and Alex Felez Buchholz, to offer an international and multidisciplinary platform, which guarantees a tailor-made and complete service, to accomplish with all the clients wishes, budgets and expectations. In this sense, the team of LF Photo Agency covers fashion, advertising, press, social, events and assistance to productions, counting with professionals from project management, photography and creative direction up to assistance, MUA and style advice.

Originally coming from the business world and thanks to their experience in the management and advisory of large scaled projects at international level, Pere  and Alex  applied this knowledge to their projects in the audiovisual sector. Coupled with a long career of over 22 years as professional photographer, they have achieved the perfect balance between creativity and productivity. This is the base of the philosophy to manage any project in a individual and professional way, and provide it with the best specific resources. LF Photo Agency clientele ranges from brands such as Desigual, Pronovias, Lupo, BMW and Dior, to large events like the Barcelona Bridal Week.

Apart from this more commercial work, Pere and Alex have always focused their work on the more human aspect of portrait photography specializing in actors and ballet dancers, where the expression, body language and emotions are predominant.



Kiril Radev – Choreographer and Photographer | Alexanda Arcori – Stylist Barcelona | Raul Matarranz – Hair Stylist | Marta Baliarda – Make Up Artist | Michele Lombardo – Filmmaker | Santa Wort – Retouching | Mauro Balaguer – Event Photographer | Natalia Buzón – Videographer and Photographer | Andy van Eich – Producer LF India | Manu Lozano – Sports and Motor Photographer